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Your first visit will be a one-on-one consultation with your doctor. You will be discussing what currently brings you into our office, your past health and trauma history. You will go through a series of tests that mainly address where your body is holding stress, and how that is affecting your spine, and ultimately your health. 



Your doctor will determine which examinations are necessary to best and most effectively plan your care including, but not limited to,  getting x-rays of your spine to better map out your care plan.

Your second visit  will be used to review the findings of the tests taken. You will take a look at your x-rays together to determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care. From these tests and examinations, you and your doctor, together, will discuss your health goals and recommendations for care. 



If your doctor confirms that you would benefit from chiropractic care, you will receive your first adjustment and a plan of action for continuing care.

Beginning Your Journey Regularly scheduled appointments usually last about 10-15 minutes. At each visit, we’ll perform a quick check of your spine before performing the adjustments specific to your care plan.


We educate our patients how to get the most out of their chiropractic care...

  1. Keep a rhythm of adjustments

  2. Get rid of bad habits that encourage subluxation

  3. Incorporate the exercises we teach you to hold your adjustments longer, and to receive the maximum benefit of the adjustments


Click the link to check out our Client Instructions prior to your first visit to help you get the best results!

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